Perfect love

perfect love glezna

„Perfect love. The Last Supper”

Triptych, canvas, oil, 140×312 cm, 2018, my Diploma artwork for the Master’s degree

This work of art is combined from three paintings, and this is a commemoration to the victims of red terror. The children of Gulag represent the children who have suffered, the victims of all previous repressions and also all of us. From the perspective and view of God nobody is forgotten and left behind. He invites us to His table. The truth is – we are loved regardless of situations each of us are experiencing, regardless of how we are and how we feel and whether we really feel the love. This understanding gives our lives hope and meaning. He invites all of us at his table and feeds us. The most important message for the whole work of art together – there is always hope, and every person is valued and respected. There are also other motives – to remember. Then we can move on.

In this painting it was possible to unite the most different things – the documentary photograph and the fresco of Leonardo da Vinci “The Last Supper”.

We are loved by love that we might not understand and may not see, but in the darkest night the flame of hope and faith is ignited in us. It lives in the heart of a child.

The main message of my work is that every person and every person's life is valuable, and not determined by how a human eye might see their quality. We all are looking for perfect love,but its can not be found in human, its can be found in our creator. God is love. And He is not far, He is in a distance of call of our heart.

First Award  “Lorenzo il Magnifico” in painting on  The XIIth Florence Biennale which is related to the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death: Ars et Ingenium – Toward Leonardo da Vinci’s Legacy of Similitude and Invention.