IMG_3849.REG liepas koks



Canvas, oil, 110×100 cm, 2017

We have roots. It is about father and the role of the father. Hope, faith, love, protection, peace, security. I saw this Linden-tree and I was touched. I painted it from my memory. Linden also like mother, she gives tea and care. Reminds family.


Gleznas 092018 - 01s


„Peace”, "Shalom"

Canvas, oil, 65×92 cm, 2018



zvaigznes 19


Canvas, oil, 90×120 cm, 2019

Now there is also a falling star painted, which is not visible in the photo. But it is. We love to watch the stars!



mākoņi 19


Canvas, oil, 90×120 cm, 2019

The clouds wrap us like a blanket so we are warm and soft at night.

diptych "Two looks "

Every person is valuable. His life is precious. Whether life has been beautiful or not, it is valuable. It's expensive. It is not in vain or damaged. It is not lost or wasted. It's expensive! You're precious! Whether you see stars or dark clouds, you and your life are the greatest treasure in the world!


IMG_3820.REG putni


Canvas, oil, 90×112 cm, 2021

Bird flight is something mystical. Winter is coming and spring is coming. They replace each other. Divorce and reunions. Life.




"Boat "

Canvas, oil, 65×100 cm, 2021

This is the Norwegian sea and a wooden block on the shore looks like a boat.




" The big wave "

Canvas, oil, 65×100 cm, 2021

Beautiful sea.

In privat collection.



" Water lilies "

Canvas, oil, 50×65 cm, 2021

I paint this in nature, on a sunny peaceful day. Enjoy!