God and man.

The collection will be supplemented with works, portraits that will form this theme.


oil on canvas, 80×80 cm, 2021

“Chicory and a plate”

95×75 cm, oil on canvas, 2022

I noticed chicory this summer. My mom likes them and actually I do too.

“Light in the soul”

65×82 cm, oil on canvas, 2022

Canvas, oil, 100×110 cm, 2017
When I finished this artwork, I was told that in a chapel of St. Mary in Edinburgh there is altar painting just like this. I was pleasantly surprised.  I like draping and silence. White is clean. This indeed reminds us of the sacrifice of the Lord.

82×65 cm, oil on canvas, 2022
“Last century”

100×70 cm, oil on canvas, 2022

“…and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags…” Isaiah 64.6 … Only His righteousness justifies us…