„Late love”

Canvas, oil, 110×100 cm, 2018

Love apples smell sweet, and the stuff above our door has a variety of high-quality fruits. My friend, I have saved you the best from both this and even from the last year's harvest.Song of songs 7-14.
I was inspired to paint this flowers from juiciness of color of wilted roses. It was Indian summer. Late love.

In private collection.


Gleznas 092018 - 02s


„Water lilies”, canvas, oil, 60×73 cm, 2018

In private collection.



afrikas margrieta

"African daisy"

Canvas, oil, 80×90 cm, 2019

Will continue this collection with more exotic flower and maybe sea "population".


IMG_3816.REG liepa

Linden flowers

Oil on canvas, 60×73 cm, 2020

Memories of the scents of Riga from childhood: the scent of rain, buses and linden flowers.



" Linden flowers 2021 "

Canvas, oil, 54×73 cm, 2021

The smell of linden flowers again everywhere!



"Shrub peony"

Canvas, oil, 35×24 cm, 2021

Female torso with skirt. Ballet.

In private collection.