Different paths

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Canvas, oil, 90×112 cm, 2017, „Space”or " warmth "

I like to look in the windows in the evenings. When you do not have a home, you look in the windows behind despair. When you miss love, you are looking for it. But sometimes it's just a family feeling, an adventure, a desire to belong. This is something that brings peace.


rokas storge

„Family. Orphan. ”

Plywood, oil, 37×47 cm, 2018

Series: small portraits about the subject „Perfect love”. In this artwork I was showing the love of the family by painting the hands of an orphan holding bread. You can see family also in an unusual situation. This boy with bread talks about the need for a family. It is just as important as the food. Without food, no one can survive. It is necessary for both: our body and our spirit. .


rokas eros


Plywood, oil, 37×47 cm, 2018

The love that is tested by time is real.